When will I see you, my beloved?

by beautyOfIslam

I’ve always asked myself, when will I see you and how?
For meeting you is my only dream right now.
Insha’Allah my dream will come true one day,
Because O Muhammad, my love for you will never fade away.

Every time I read your story, my eyes start to weep,
I keep thinking about your hardships and those nights you didn’t sleep.
I realised that you got through in the end because Allah’s help you did seek,
Surely, you were the best example so your Sunnah I’ll always keep.

Your patience and generosity has been recognised by all,
And no doubt you have succeeded because we have responded to your call.
Truly, I am very blessed to be part of your Ummah,
So I will follow your footsteps so that I can meet you in Jannah.

O My Beloved, you have guided me to the right way,
So please be my intercessor on Judgement Day.
You showed me how to get the best of this dunya and the Akhira,
And you also taught me how to gain Allah’s forgiveness and Sakina.

I really hope that my final destination will be with you O Muhammad,
You are the most praised and thus received the name Ahmad.
O Chosen One, every word you spoke was true,
So may Allah’s peace and blessings shine on you.

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